About the Project

APPLE Schools (A Project Promoting healthy Living for Everyone) is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative. The project works with vulnerable school communities to change students’ healthy eating, physical activity, and mental health habits to improve their quality of life. There are currently 75 APPLE school communities across Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and Manitoba.

Dr. Kate Storey and the SIRCLE lab team have been involved in ongoing research and evaluation with APPLE Schools since 2010. In that time, Dr. Storey has led multiple qualitative and mixed-methods research projects with APPLE Schools, with the aim of understanding the comprehensive school health (CSH) process from the perspective of individuals working in or with APPLE school communities. Dr. Storey and her team are leading a process evaluation of APPLE school communities in rural and remote areas. This research is focused on understanding what taking a CSH approach looks like in these unique and diverse contexts.

For more information about this project, contact: sircle@ualberta.ca

For more information about APPLE Schools, please see: www.appleschools.ca

Helpful resources for this project include:

  1. APPLE Schools 2021 Report: Working with Community and Inspiring Change. Submitted June 30: 20 pages.
  2. APPLE Schools 2020 Report: A Sustainable Approach to Embedding Wellness in School Culture. Submitted January 23: 24 pages
  3. APPLE Schools 2018 Expansion Report. Submitted April 8: 21 pages.
  4. APPLE Schools Website http://www.appleschools.ca/
  5. APPLE Schools Scientific Research Papers http://appleschools.ca/scientificpublications
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