About the Project

School authorities set the tone when creating healthy school communities and shape healthy behaviours of children and youth. Within Alberta and British Columbia, there is an opportunity to build upon the experience and expertise of school authorities that have integrated wellness as a key priority. The overall aim of this research is to understand ‘promising practices’ in school wellness at the school jurisdiction level.

This project aims to surface diverse stories of wellness to inform and inspire Canadian school jurisdictions in adopting their own unique cultures of wellness to improve the health of children in their community. These learnings will be shared within and across provinces to inform and strengthen existing school-based health promotion.

Alberta Case Studies:

  • Chinook’s Edge School Division
  • Edmonton Catholic School District
  • Northland School Division

BC Case Studies:

  • Richmond School District
  • Bulkley Valley School District
  • Powell River School District

For more information about this project contact: sircle@ualberta.ca

Helpful resources for this project include:

Case Study Infographic (PDF)


  1. Video: Chinook’s Edge School Division – Offline & Connected https://youtu.be/Qdi-rD6k5S0
  2. Video: Bulkley Valley School District – Empowering Wellbeing Through Co-Teaching https://youtu.be/83U81zpg9j4
  3. Video: Northland School Division – Learning on the Land https://youtu.be/PhgT002hCOg
  4. Video: Edmonton Catholic School Division – Steering a Big Ship https://youtu.be/B8KhSxcHWNo

Case Reports

  1. Case Report (2021): Bulkley Valley School District
  2. Case Report (2021): Chinook’s Edge School Division
  3. Case Report (2021): Edmonton Catholic School Division
  4. Case Report (2021): Powell River School District
  5. Case Report (2021): Northland School Division
  1. Montemurro G, Cherkowski S, Sulz L, Loland D, Saville E, Storey, K. (2023).Prioritizing well-being in K-12 education: lessons from a multiple case study of Canadian school districts, Health Promotion International, 38(2): https://doi.org/10.1093/heapro/daad003
  2. The McConnell Foundation. Beyond the binder: Toward more systemic and sustainable approaches to health and wellbeing in K-12 education. 2020. (Download PDF)
  3. Storey K, Montemurro G, McArthur P. Beyond the Binder: Accelerating well-being in K-12 education. Education Canada, 60(3). 2020:9-10.          (Download PDF)

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